Sura Review


Moreover I’m not a Vijay or Ajith fan. Yet I decided to watch this movie since it was his 50th movie expecting some good stuff in it.

Scene1: Opening was up to the hype, purely for Vijay worshipers. Our hero emerges from a tornado saving bunch of people @ sea.
Then there goes the opening song. Everything were fine till this part of the movie.
Vijay Fans: Full throttled whistle.
Normal Audience: Bit happy since the song and dance were good.

Scene2: Then comes the heroine introductionJ. One of the worst intro in a tamil movie. Heroine attempts suicide after putting all her makeup’s which she carry along with her.(Reason: Lost Dog). Our heroin falls in love after seeing hero buying pen from blind people and by helping them in crossing the road (a very childish story line.. unable to tolerate these kind of stuffs).
VF: Light murmuring and smile
N.Aud : Irritation started

Scene3: Hero goes to meet a local pawn broker to raise voice on local issue. Build up starts. A guy shouts “Sooravali varudhu… no no… Psunami varudhu… No No No… Rendum serndhu varudhu…” (Eng Ver : “A Tornado is coming… no no no… Psunami is coming… no no no… both comes together”). Our hero walks in slow motion with the graphic of psunami and tornado at the background. LLL
VF : Very few whistled. Rest moaned (a hauling sound).
N.Aud : Irritated to the core. Four people left the theater speaking to themselves “Why u guys booked tickets for such a movie?”

Scene4: A very normal well know Villan intro scene. Villan speaks dialogue in telugu and it was dubbed in tamil, with 0% dialogue and lip sync. Then comes the so called core of the story. Villan(minister) tries to occupy the slum land where our hero resides. Our hero is the Godfather to all in the slum (donno why… no reason for that to justify). Then a duet song and a fight where hero never fight standing on land(flying from building to building … he used air as the travel medium J.. Spiderman without web)hero’s mother will be attacked but 0% sentimental acting from our hero. No emotional dialogue or anger shown. Just a formality check of mom “Mom how r u?”. (Expected few sentiments over here J)
VF: Very few were shouting and “thalaiva” sound here and there. Total decibel level down. Theater is damn silent.
N.Aud: Few went out of the show and few went to out to smoke. And we all turned towards the person who booked the ticket for us and gave a grudging look at him. He was totally lost. He straight said “Macha.. extremely sorry da.. L” (FYI: He is a diehard Vijay fan. Then we heard a loud snoring sound not in movie, one of my friend was in deep sleep J. We decided not to disturb him J, atlest let he be happy)

Scene5: Villan meets hero after burning hero’s slum. There comes the punch and pinch dialogues. Then the dialogue of hero saying that “he will build 1400 houses for his people. (FYI: he is a normal fisherman)”
VF: Irritated. Since very bad screenplay and storyline and very bad dialogue frame.
N. Aud: Few were uttering counter dialoguges with u-parliamentary words. All were silent waiting and awaiting interval.

Scene6: (Considerable amount of people left the show.. lucky ones) hero decides to steal the smuggled goods from villan. Here come a intelligent tactics, a pakka director touch. Our hero comes as custom officer(Sardharji). And they use diwali rockets to attack the villan boat. And hero uses a iron rod to place the rocket(normal diwali rocket with match box to fire) and fire it. One amoung the villans shouts “Custom officers are using rocket launchers to attack us so escapeeeeeeeeee…. LL”. (few audience escaped at this scene). Then hero takes the smuggled goods and flee to Mumbai and sells it and becomes a billionaire(100 crores exactly). (FYI: smuggles goods are 2 to 3 boxes of laptops L). All these selling happens In just 20sec of movie and hero returns to slum in an Audi suv.
VF: All were frustrated to the core and were talking among themselves of their hero’s poor show.
N.Aud: Few more left the show, few were sleeping(by the way my friend was awake J. Better he could had slept), few **** words around audience, and few were shouting to screen the climax fight (remember its only 15min post interval).

Scene7: Few songs, fights and comedy in a sequence and heroin Tamana appears in and out of film for few seconds(used only for songs). And I can term this as the worst comedy of Vadivelu in his film history. No one smiled in theater for his comedy. Few in theaters including myself and one of my friend were irritated with a dance step, where our hero does something with THAMANA’s pant. (And they claim it as a dance step.. mindless people)
V.F: No sound from them, totally lost. Had blank faces and reddish eyes J
N. Aud: Were with a frustrated and irritated face. In the verge of bursting in anger. Could here moaning and murmuring sounds among themselfs

Scene8: Climax – Villan places a bomb @ newly constructed slum and controls it from a boat. Our hero jumps from one boat to another(remembering kuruvi) and tries to diffuse the bomb. Main thing here to be noted is “how will he diffuse it?”. For the first time in tamil cinema history hero breaks the computer keyboard and pulls the bunch of control wire’s in a single stretch and the bomb gets diffused (‘HurtLocker’ should give back its Oscars). And then fight, hero kills villan (and also poor fans and udiance). THE END.
V.F: Few used un-parlimentary words criticizing their hero and Rajkumar. No one had a smiling face. And few declared that they are no more Vijay fans.
N. Audience: All said in one word “Macha never ever book tickets for his next movies”….. “Macha Vijay fans paavam da (pitty on Vijay fans)”…. “And again lots of unparlimentary words were fired on hero, director and the person who booked ticket for them”.

Verdict : (Donno what to say… Pitty on u vijay fans)

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